Delicoco Coconut Chunks Black Pepper (60 grams)


Delicoco Coconut Chunks Black Pepper (60 grams)

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SKU: 9555463100671

Weight(grams): 60

Packaging: 60g

Nw: 2.16kg

Gw: 2.52kg

Carton Size: 325 x 220 x 235mm (1 x 36 Pkts)

20's Container Loading: 1680

40's Conatiner Loading: 3200

DeliCoco Roasted Coconut Chunks are made from fresh, mature coconuts. The flesh (or meat) is cut into pieces and then baked (not fried) using a small amount of coconut oil. Coconut 'meat' is known to contain medium-chain fatty acids, which unlike their long chain 'cousins', are broken down much faster and are thought not to contribute to cholesterol levels. With a high fiber content, coconut meat is also great to include in the diet. DeliCoco Roasted Coconut chunks are a healthy and delicious snack for the whole family. Perfect for kids' lunchboxes as it is gluten and nut-free.

Ingredients: Coconut Kernel, Brown Sugar, Salt, Black Pepper


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